Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm working on the 2010 Australian computers in education conference, and it's got me thinking again about education and technology. Following #edtech on twitter has been a great prompt to dive back in and explore the field further.

Here's a few of the topics that have piqued my interest...

Learning: the brain's part.

Consume / Create - The vendor's role at tech conferences. Balancing the needs of real commerce, whose support we can't do without, with the 'non-profit' motive of education.

Tech tools, toys and teddybears

On Learning, Teaching and Professional Development
I've started this blog to explore these themes, and others... I'm calling it edtechagogy. It seems I may have just made up that word. So what do I mean?

But wiktionary tells me that the -agogy suffix means leading... and so this blog will show what leads my thinking around education and technology.

I am not a teacher, so I will apologise for having no practical experience of the real challenges teachers face in the classroom, in their schools, and within the bureaucracies that seek to marshall their efforts. This blog will explore those challenges.

I am a learner... and I love technology. These are the keys to my interest here. I hope that helps you, the reader, understand the purpose. Expect few answers here. I prefer questions. :)

This blog will have a strong open source bias - and I make no apology for that.