Friday, May 7, 2010

So... Moodle 2.0 - What does it mean?

The Moodle 2.0 Beta preview is out, and there is a growing buzz about what this will mean for educators, their students and the communities of practice around this great open source learning management tool.  I have to admit to being an ignorant fan of Moodle. I've long championed it, without really having any experience using it. But I've listened to many teachers speak very highly of its merits in the process of teaching and learning.

Here's a quick list of links and articles I've seen in my peripheral vision in recent days, that I plan to follow up with over coffee sometime this weekend.
But the question I have... for those of you using Moodle - Has it changed your pedagogy? Is Moodle technology, just a different kind of chalk board? I invite your thoughts, reflections and comments below.

What does a new Moodle on the immediate horizon mean for you?

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