Saturday, February 23, 2013

Digital Technologies - a brand new subject

Huzzah! A draft of the Digital Technologies Australian Curriculum has been released.

Draft Digital Technologies Foundation to Year 10 scope and sequenceThis is the Scope and Sequence for Foundation to Year 10.
Download it as a PDF

The Digital Technologies subject is divided into two strands

Knowledge and understanding

  •  representation of data
  •  digital systems
  •  interactions and impact

Processes and production skills

  •  managing and analysing data
  •  using digital systems
  •  specification, algorithms and implementation
  •  creating and interacting online

Here's a wordle made from the text in that PDF.
data information systems social algorithms digital problems using user software different online needs simple describe sequence requirements programs protocols processes components communication

The Standout words are Data, Information, Systems, Digital, Algorithms, Problems and Social - not necessarily in that order... but that's what leaps out at me.

ACARA is seeking feedback on the draft until 10 May 2013.

But you'll need to register to complete the survey online.

Review the draft. Have a think. Have a say.

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