Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ACEC2014 Call for Papers is Open!

Now It's Personal - Innovating Education. National Conference in Adelaide 30 Sep - 3 Oct 2014
ACEC2014 Call for Papers
The Call for Papers has opened for the 2014 Australian Computers in Education Conference.

All the details, including deadlines and templates are here: acec2014.acce.edu.au/call-for-papers

Or dive in, sign up and submit your session proposal now! acec2014.acce.edu.au/submit

Please help spread the word wide and far.  Refereed Paper submissions need to be in by 1 October 2013.  Other session types have until 1 March 2014.

The conference takes place at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 30 September to 3 October 2014 .



Now It's Personal is the theme of ACEC2014 and presenters are being asked to explore one of these three strands.


Strand 1: Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational leadership is about empowerment, working with and walking together. It is about performance, not supervision. It is personal, not institutional; inspiring not constraining; liberating, not coercing. It is a culture, not a state. It is transparent, not secretive. People do the right thing because they want to, not because they have to.


Strand 2: Innovative Learning

Students have ever-increasing expectations of being able to work, play and learn via cloud-based services and apps across their mobile devices, whenever they want and wherever they may be. Innovative learning is about possibilities. It is limited only by imagination. It is open, free and wide-ranging. It is not constrained by past thinking. It is personal. It is about choice, connection and reflection. It challenges the learner to be responsible, not reliant. To lead, not follow. To create, not copy.


Strand 3: Redefining Education

The importance of personal knowledge management and the blurring of the boundaries between formal and informal learning is redefining education. No longer is education constrained by set parameters. It is not limited to time or place. It is free to explore. It offers choices, not constraints. It presents challenges, not solutions. It asks questions.

More information on the conference strands is available on the website.

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